Bio-Degradable Citrus Degreaser 5ltr

A neutral blend of Biodegradable solvents based on citrus oil extracted from orange peel. It is designed for the removal of grease, oil and other petroleum type deposits, either manually or through a pressure wash machine or scrubbing machine for floor areas

How to Use:
Manual Application: Dilute with up to 40 parts with water, spray onto soiled surfaces, leave to penetrate, wash off with water

Pressure Wash Machine: Dilute with up to 100 parts with water, either by prediluting or using the machines

Scrubber/ drier: Dilute with up to 40 parts with water, For stubbom stains, spray neat product onto stain and proceed with scrubbing machine

may be used concentrated or diluted, on most painted or unpainted surfaces. It is safe to use on aluminium, copper, mild and stainless steel.

Enviromentally safe pleasant residual odour. Economical in use.