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Byotrol 4 in 1 Multi Purpose Cleaner 750ml

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The new patented Byotrol 4 in 1 Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray combines the power and efficacy of four products into one; removing dirt and stains, neutralising odours, as well as general cleaning and speedy disinfecting.

Formulated to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1, Swine Flu), MRSA, Listeria and E.coli. Unlike traditional cleaners, Byotrol 4 in 1 Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray works even when dry, protecting surfaces from bacteria between cleans.

• Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

• Alcohol Free -Non bleach formula

• Fast acting multi-purpose disinfectant

• 30 second Kill time

• Protects surfaces for 24hrs

• Can be used for walls, floors, surfaces, furniture and fabrics

• Effective against Norovirus, H1N1 & MRSA.

Added Benefits:

• Quick kill in 30 seconds even in high soil

• Unique, patented formulation

• Non-hazardous, no need to dilute

• Removes organic stains without bleach

• Neutralises odours without masking

• Leaves a fresh, clean fragrance

• Ready for use product minimises risk of misuse

• Compliant with Biocidal Products Register, CLP and Article 95


Safety Data Sheet – SDS B2048A 4in1 Surface Sanitiser RTU Cut Grass V8 (1)

Additional Info – BYOTROL_4in1_Cleaner_Disinfectant_Stain__Odour_Remover_RTU