Eco-Friendly options for your Food & Drink

Sustainability is a growing issue that has come to a head in most, if not all, industries within the past five years. So much so that regulations have been made to ensure that businesses are taking substantial steps to increase the sustainability of our future. An evident change in the industry is the reproach of single-use plastic straws. As this directly affects the hospitality corporation, we as suppliers analysed our straw choices – now including metal and paper substitutes.

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colour code kitchen kerry

Is your kitchen colour coded?

Is your kitchen colour coded? If not, it could be posing risks to your customers’ health. Using different colours is a vital part of kitchen health and safety and makes life simpler for everyone from your chefs to cleaning staff. From colour-coded knives and colour-coded chopping boards to different coloured cleaning equipment, investing in a multicoloured kitchen system is relatively cheap and will transform the safety of your premises for staff and customers without breaking the bank.

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