Standard Black Refuse Sacks 26×44 Case 200 (8×25)


The black Sacks bin liner is a high quality low density dustbin liner for medium/heavy weight office waste. Ideal for use in high demand environments where a strong yet economical black sack bag is needed.

Black sacks go hand in hand with cleaning up waste. Your Black sacks can line the inside of a dustbin or waste container alternatively use your Industrial Black Sack to collect rubbish. Black plastic sacks have been the primary means of waste collection for years.

Black Plastic Bags have been used for lining the bins of homes and Industry for generations. These black plastic sacks are ideal for heavy duty waste removal in schools, events, gardens, businesses etc.

We also stock a range of biodegradable rubbish bags. Our Black sacks come in various shapes, colours, quality, high density plastic, low density plastic and sizes. Black bags are perfect for safe storage of confidential documents.