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Colour-Coded Trigger Spray Bottle 750ml – Pack of 6 – Available in Colours

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For effective cleaning results, choose this 750ml colour-coded trigger spray bottle. The coloured head means this trigger spray bottle can be used for colour-coded cleaning – which will help to prevent cross-contamination and limit the spread of harmful germs throughout your premises. This colour-coded head also makes the bottle easy to identify. So staff will instantly know what solution is in the bottle, and which area of your premises it should be used in.

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Handy millilitre markings also make measuring out the correct amount of concentrated cleaning solution simple. This will prevent costly cleaning chemical wastage, while also ensuring staff are always using the correct dilution needed for each cleaning task.

And thanks to the translucent plastic material, it’s easy to see how much cleaning solution you have left in each trigger spray bottle – stay stocked-up on cleaning solution when you need them most.

Please Note: This is an empty bottle designed to be refilled with cleaning solution.

Product features

  • Capacity 0.75 Ltr
  • Dimensions 292(H) x 116(W)mm
  • Material Plastic
  • Finish – external Transparent
  • Weight 82g
  • Colours available
  • Colour-coded head also makes identifying the bottle’s contents easy
  • Millilitre markings allow for simple, accurate dilution of cleaning chemicals
  • Quality trigger spray mechanism ensures a consistent dosage of cleaning solution
  • Adjustable nozzle allows you to choose how much solution is dispensed
  • Translucent material makes it easy to see how much solution is left
  • The long pipette will absorb water and cleaning solutions effectively
  • The plain bottle can be labelled to better organise your cleaning inventory
  • Sturdy plastic material gives the bottle good strength
  • Versatile bottle can be used in janitorial, beauty, gardening and domestic settings
  • Sold in Packs of 6
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Single, Blue 6 Pack, Yellow 6 Pack, Red 6 Pack, Green 6 Pack