Fiberglass Tray Oval Black

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Make carrying large numbers of glasses, plates and bowls an effortless task, using the 600(W) x 560(D)mm black large fibreglass oval non-slip tray. The tray’s non-slip coating keeps a firm grip of your glasses and crockery even when a little wet. As such, this tray prevents tableware from sliding to reduce the risk of dangerous and expensive breakages or wasted goods.

With its solid fibreglass build, this tray will not buckle when holding full drinks glasses, ensuring stable and safe carrying at all times. The fibreglass construction also makes this tray lighter than plastic alternatives – allowing your staff to collect and serve higher volumes of tableware for a more efficient operation.

The tray features a bold, black colourway that effortlessly adds an understated touch to your drinks services – combining practicality with style.

Product features

Dimensions 30(H) x 685(W) x 560(D)mm
Material Fibreglass and Rubber
Durable, non-slip rubber surface helps to prevent glassware or crockery from sliding
Solid fibreglass build prevents tray buckling under heavy loads
Heat resistant between -10°C and 100°C which is great for both hot and cold drinks
Dishwasher-safe design allows for fast and thorough cleaning
Large size is perfect for carrying high volumes of food and drink
Lightweight material ensures safe and comfortable carrying
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