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Food Labels

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Designed to ensure optimal health and safety at all times, this roll of  prepared food labels is a must-have for any busy commercial kitchen. Made with item, name, quantity, use-by and date categories, these labels allow your staff to quickly identify all relevant information about your prepared ingredients, making sure all the food you use in your kitchen is fresh and safe for guests.

These labels also quickly dissolve when immersed in water, stopping any unwanted and potentially bacteria-harbouring adhesive residue being left on your storage equipment – helping to improve your overall hygiene.

Product features

  • Helps with accurate food rotation to reduce waste
  • Self-adhesive back leaves no residue which can otherwise cause a bacteria build-up
  • Enables quick identification of discard dates to save time during service
  • For use with prepped food
Additional information

Day/Shelf Labels 2×4" – 500 per roll, "USE FIRST" Labels – 500 per roll, Vegan Label – 1000 per roll, Label Dispenser, 7 Day Label Set – 500 per roll x 7 rolls, 7 Day Dispenser, Monday – 500 per Roll, Tuesday – 500 per Roll, Wednesday – 500 per Roll, Thursday – 500 per Roll, Friday – 500 per Roll, Saturday – 500 per Roll, Sunday – 500 per Roll