FryPowder – 72 Sachets per Box

85.00 ex. VAT

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Looking for a simple, and cost-effective way to reduce your oil consumption? Then Frypowder is perfect for you. Thanks to its highly innovative, antioxidant oil stabilizer and absorbent filter aid, the powder is specifically designed to significantly help cut frying costs. By changing the way your oil cooks, this advanced product keeps oil clean whilst reducing the amount that your food absorbs – making each refill go that-bit further.

Plus, Frypowder continually prevents breakdown reactions while you fry – providing premium oil performance throughout the entire service.

And the advanced properties of Frypowder ensure substantially longer oil life, meaning less time draining down, cleaning and refilling fryers, as well as significantly reduced oil waste.

Product features

  • Weight¬†5.3kg
  • Antioxidant formula changes the way that your oil cooks to lessen the amount of oil absorbed by food
  • Prevents breakdown reactions to enhance your oil’s lifespan
  • Reduces degradation of oil to lessen the need for refills
  • Easy-to-use sachets can require no training or special equipment before use
  • Individual sachets for freshness