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Industrial Oven Cleaner 5ltr

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Clean and hygienic grills or ovens are vital to supplying guests with high-quality food items. This industrial oven and grill cleaner is specifically designed to cut through oil, grease, and fatty deposits often found in and around the top of ovens and grills. Features a highly effective solution to remove staining and provide a brilliant finish to your hobs and oven fronts.

The cleaner deeply cleanses and removes baked-on stains typically found on the floor of the oven, which helps the efficiency of these machines and helps to give them a longer life.

Product features

Capacity 5Ltr
Dimensions 290(H) x 125(W) x 180(D)mm
Weight 10.27kg
The heavy-duty formula cuts through burnt-on grease, fat and grime
The thickened solution clings to the surface for greater cleaning power
This cleaner is unperfumed and food safe, perfect for kitchens
The non-fuming formula makes this chemical safe to use in confined areas
Suitable for cleaning the interior and exterior of your appliances
The ready-to-use formula makes this cleaner quick and easy to apply



Additional information

4 x 5ltr, 1 x 5ltr