Lenor Summer Breeze Fabric Conditioner 83 Wash (2.91 L)

8.12 ex. VAT

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Lenor fabric conditioner gives you long lasting freshness – a fresh bed every night for up to 1 week. With Lenor Summer Breeze close your eyes and imagine the soothing stroke of the sun’s rays on your skin. With its soft, relaxing fragrance, built around warm flowers, white musk and sandalwood, Lenor Summer Breeze instills everything you’d expect from a warm, sunny day. To complement your favourite Lenor fabric softener, use together with Lenor Unstoppables in-wash scent booster.

  • Fresh bed every night for up to 1 week
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Fabric Conditioner with soft relaxing fragrance, build around warm flowers, white musk and sandalwood scents
  • Gives clothes a soft and comfortable feel
  • Helps to enrich and preserve the relationship with your clothes
  • Reduces wrinkling, makes ironing easier, reduces drying time and decreases static cling

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