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Aluminium Pizza Screen Seamless Rim

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Ensure evenly-baked pizza bases and crusts every time with a pizza screen. Designed with specially sized holes that allow air to circulate and hit the dough, this means your bakes will come out perfectly cooked. Constructed from aluminium, this helps heat conduction and distribution for an even more uniform bake, while also making the screen very robust and durable to ensure a long lifespan in your kitchen. You can ensure that your pizza is exactly the correct size every time, by spreading the dough over the screen to the edges. This is perfect for commercial use in takeaways and restaurants with different pizza sizes on a menu.

Achieve evenly-baked pizza crusts and bases, with this pizza screen from leading brand Vogue.

Product features

  • Material Aluminium
  • Weight 90g
  • Uses air circulation to produce evenly baked crusts.
Additional information

Seamless Rim 30cm, 12”, Seamless Rim 35cm, 14”, Seamless Rim 40cm, 16”, Seamless Rim 45cm, 18”, Seamless Rim 50cm, 20”