Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

26.00 ex. VAT

For an efficient and hygienic washroom, choose this multi-fold hand towel dispenser. This unit’s design ensures single-sheet dispensing, so it’ll significantly cut down on paper wastage to lower costs and reduce your impact on the environment. But that’s not all. The dispensing system means customers will only touch the sheet they use – so your paper towels will stay free from contamination to help stop the spread of illness-causing microbes in your washrooms.

And thanks to the large 400-sheet capacity, the dispenser requires less frequent restocking – freeing up valuable time for staff to carry out their other tasks.

An innovative design means the dispenser can be used with C-fold, V-fold and Z-fold towels too. So no matter what paper towels you’ve got in stock, this dispenser will be able to handle the job.

Ready to be supplied by Greenway Kerry

Product features

  • Dimensions 340(H) x 265(W) x 110(D) mm
  • Material Plastic
  • Weight 1kg
  • Colour White
  • Ensures single-towel dispensing to reduce wastage
  • The single-sheet dispensing system keeps towels free from contamination
  • The large 400-towel capacity means less frequent restocking
  • The versatile design can be used with C-fold, V-fold and Z-fold towels
  • The strong towel outlet means the dispenser can withstand constant use
  • The sleek design will blend into any washroom