Pudding Mould Aluminium

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Produce single serve cylindrical portions of everything from mousses to mashed potato with great ease, thanks to this premium 60(H) x 65(Ø)mm aluminium dariole mould. Ideal for sweet and savoury dishes, this dariole mould gives you consistent servings time and time again, helping you to effortlessly control your portion sizes and create stunning dishes that truly wow your guests. Boasting a high quality aluminium construction, this kitchen essential is safe for both hot and cold moulding, giving you greater choice over the types of dishes you produce to help you expand and create more interesting menus. This aluminium material also makes the mould exceptionally strong, sturdy and hardwearing, allowing it to endure the rigours of daily use in any busy professional kitchen without breaking or losing its shape.

Greenway Kerry supplies pudding moulds

Product features

  • Capacity 120ml
  • Dimensions 60(H) x 65(Ø)mm
  • Material Aluminium
  • Weight 20g
  • Colour Silver
  • Handwashing recommended
  • Ensure accurate and attractive portion control
  • Easy to clean
  • Incredibly robust
  • Suitable for hot and cold moulding