Soap Dispenser 1ltr – Case of 8

29.27 ex. VAT


For efficient and hygienic hand wash dosing, opt for this 1Ltr liquid soap and hand sanitiser dispenser from Greenway Cleaning Supplies in Kerry – Farranfore, Killarney, and Tralee. Crafted to dispense a 1ml solution dosage, this dispenser ensures that both staff and guests utilize the right amount of soap or sanitiser for effective hand cleansing. The controlled dosage mechanism minimizes wastage of hand soap or sanitiser, making each purchase more economical.

Furthermore, the lever-free design of the dispenser reduces potential crevices where bacteria might reside. This streamlined structure facilitates easy cleaning, maintaining dispenser hygiene. Moreover, it can even be operated with your elbow, reducing the need for hand contact and helping prevent germ transmission.

This sanitiser dispenser is a perfect match for use with the DE942 5Ltr alcohol hand sanitiser (available separately), as well as the GC976 5Ltr unperfumed antibacterial liquid hand soap from Jantex (available separately).

Product Features:

  • Weight: 620g
  • Color: White
  • Dispenses 1ml dosage for effective hand washing
  • Controlled dosage minimizes wastage
  • Elbow-operable to reduce hand contact and germ spread
  • Intuitive design for easy reservoir refilling
  • Lever-free design for effortless cleanliness maintenance
  • Lockable for enhanced security
  • Sleek construction seamlessly fits into any commercial washroom or toilet
  • Compatible with liquid soaps and hand sanitisers exclusively