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Clean your office



In addition to having the space organized, and appealing, office cleaning is essential to boosting employee productivity, enhancing clients’ perception and improving morale.

Whether you handle your office cleaning, or just put everything in order and leave the labour-intensive, time-consuming tasks to office cleaning professionals, upholding its sanitation can a deliver a working environment that you feel proud to call the face of your business. Here are the tips to help you clean your office.

Cleaning common space

Cleaning common areas is often had. The key to cleaning shared spaces is delegation. You can have one of your team members devise a cleaning system so that all employees get to clean in shifts. It’s essential that the cleaning rules are well articulated for order and consistency. If you’re having a hard time managing this, you can opt for working with professionals who specialize entirely in office cleaning. This way, you and your team can enjoy sparkling spaces without stress.

Storage documents

Storing documents is easier said than done. Busy schedules which include answering phone calls, responding to emails and attending to clients can leave you with no time to organize and keep away papers, books, receipts and other documents. As a result, your desk ends up being cluttered, which is outright stressful. One strategy to eliminate the mess is to go digital. Electronic documents won’t take up any physical space. In the meantime, you can introduce a cupboard or any system that will allow you to keep your physical files, so they don’t clutter your desk. Be sure to arrange them accordingly for ease of access when the need arises.

Cleaning your computer

Disconnect your monitor and wipe it down with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. The cloth should have no lint, spots, scratches or streaks on it. You can opt for the microfiber cloth as they allow you to wipe out all dust without having to dampen.

Detach the keyboard and shake it out to get rid of accumulated dust and other particles. Use a compressed air can, to eliminate any remaining dirt. Then swipe between the keys with Q-tips dipped in alcohol. Finally, spray a little disinfectant on the keyboard and wipe it clean.

Since it’s highly likely that you do a lot of touching, which leads to establishing new microcolonies, it’s imperative that you disinfect your office phone; the headset, mouthpiece, keypad, the entire thing, along with the mouse, draw handles and the desk.

Taking on the dust

Wipe dust, starting from the furthest corner of your office, not overlooking windowsills, door panels, or tops of picture frames. Remove your file folders, papers, calendars and stapler and wipe down your desk, and chair too, once you’re done wiping, vacuum clean.

A large office or busy schedule shouldn’t be an excuse for not keeping your work environment clean at all times. A professional provider of office cleaning in Dublin could be the key to upholding a clean and professional-looking office. With all that’s at stake, you cannot afford to have the face of your business looking dirty.


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