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Commercial Cleaning

Check out our top tips below to ensure your space is hygienic, clean and safe for customers to use, and enhance your reputation at the same time:

1. Planning is essential during such a busy period. Form a plan and communicate it, ensuring supervisors and cleaning staff know exactly what is expected.

2. This may sound obvious, but ensure the job is done properly. Best practice can be easily achieved with proper training helping busy operatives to perform a range of specific cleaning jobs, such as how to mop a floor or clean a toilet correctly.

3. Increase monitoring in the washroom. Just as you will see an increase in customers, so too will your washroom facilities. So, it is important to ensure that soap, toilet tissue, and any hand-towel dispensers remain well-stocked and do not run empty.

4. Make it easy for customers and staff to practise hand hygiene, by offering pleasant and easy-to-use hand sanitising solutions. We supply a choice of dispensers, including popular touch-free models, which are even more hygienic because little ones’ mucky paws need not touch them to release the product.

5. Floors are exposed to high traffic so avoid any slips or falls by keeping them well-maintained and cleaning up any spills immediately, with appropriate signage to highlight the hazard.

In an industry that demands impeccable attention to detail, it is vital to keep your leisure facility clean and safe. You can trust Greenway Cleaning Supplies to provide the ideal cleaning equipment, supplies and training guides. For more information and advice on which products are suitable for your facility, or to place an order, please call us on 0858180210