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Drink and Cocktail Accessories Buying Guide

Present the perfect finish with drink and cocktail accessories.  The drinks you serve should not only taste great but they should look appetizing too.  With the right cocktail accessories, you will create a lasting impression.  The Alliance collection comprises many different types in various materials from reputable manufacturers.

Dispensers and Measures

To make sure you are serving the correct measures for the perfect cocktail you will need a selection of dispensers and measures. There are plenty of different types of measure in varying materials so for ease, here’s the list of what is recommended, available from different manufacturers in both stainless steel and plastic finishes.

  • Cocktail Jigger This is a measuring device which delivers the exact measurements required
  • Thimble Measures This is another measuring device to provide the right amount of spirit to a drink (different sizes available)
  • Wine Measures This delivers the perfect size glass of wine (different sizes available)
  • Spirit Measures This delivers the perfect size spirit
  • Pourers are Designed to pour the perfect cocktail and keep liquid in while preventing air from entering the bottle, therefore, maintaining freshness
  • Spouts are Designed to pour the perfect drink and prevent excess liquid from escaping while stopping air from entering the bottle
  • Caps are Used to prevent dust and dirt from entering a bottle once it has been used

Disc Stirrers

Disc stirrers are essential for your bar or pub and look great in any drink, alcoholic or soft.  As well as plain white or black, it’s always fun to add a dash of colour!  Choose from bright shades to make drinks stand out from the crowd.  All disc stirrers are made out of plastic.

Napkin Dispensers

Napkin dispensers are vital for pubs and bars, keep them on tables for bar snacks or along with the countertop.


Other Drink and Cocktail Accessories

  • Dash bottles These are used for adding a “dash” of just 3 or 4 drops to a drink
  • Muddler Used to mash fruit, herbs and spices at the bottom of a drink’s glass
  • A glass rimmer is Used to add sugar coatings to the rim of cocktail glasses
  • Bar caddies This is an excellent to keep bar tools neatly stored with easy access
  • Cocktail picks and sticks are Great for popping olives, fruit and other garnish to drinks

For further information on drinks and cocktails, and accessories contact any of the team at Greenway Supplies or visit our showroom in Farranfore