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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

With tourism still bouncing back from the impact of Covid-19, we now take a moment to review where the tourism industry is at and ways you can make your venue more appealing to eco-tourists.

It’s no secret COVID-19 affected numerous industries across the globe, but none were impacted quite like the tourism industry. During the height of the pandemic tour operators were closed, cruise ships were anchored, and flight crews were grounded with the exception of only accommodating necessary flights. Essentially, inbound tourism ground to a halt.

Naturally, there are various ways to do so but we want to focus on capitalising on current trends and the biggest trend by far at present is evaluating and reducing our environmental impact.

Best Green Options

So, what are the best options available at present if you want to improve your range of eco-products to showcase yourself as a green champion within tourism?


  • Polgreen Eco: The range includes two options and combines renewable, plant-based raw materials with 100% recyclable packaging ensuring all aspects of the product have eco-friendly qualities. The range has been certified with the EU Ecolabel

Eco-cleaning can be a minefield of small print, false promises and difficult-to-decipher claims. As such we only promote and advertise options that truly represent eco-chemical options. For cleaning chemicals, we recommend the Pollet ranges:

  1. PolGreen cleaning products meet the strictest environmental requirements. We have chosen recognised but rigorous ecological certifications, which reflect the harmlessness of our products. In 2007, Pollet became the second Belgian company to receive the European Ecolabel. Since then, our products have received numerous ecological certifications: Green Seal Certified, Ecocert, Biobased and Ecologo.

Ready Made Lunches

Some hotels offer guests the option to purchase a ready-made meal ahead of day-long or lunchtime excursions. If you offer such services, then ensure you serve such meals in a disposable option.

Hot Cups

What can be a nice touch for guests is to offer those who are going out for the day a hot drink to go. A coffee, cup of tea or hot chocolate for the road can be a nice extra that most are not used to and can help towards creating a positive experience when visiting your hotel. We would recommend using a double wall cup as this provides insulation for the core temperature of the drink whilst also preventing your guests’ hands from being burnt.

There are multiple other eco options you can select to help achieve your own personal environmental goals. We supply the hospitality industries with disposable and green products.