How can I get rid of the smell of urine in my washrooms?
How do I get rid of the smell of urine in washrooms when a fragrance won’t work?
Urinal Screens and other Odour eliminators are a perfect way to ensure a fresh clean odour in your washroom 
How can I make my washrooms smell nice?

By installing a Greenway Supplies fragrance dispenser that is serviced monthly by our technicians to ensure a clean and odour free washroom for your business 

How can I stop washroom soap dispenser wastage?
You can prevent clogging up the soap dispenser by contacting Greenway Supplies for state of the art Tork dispensers that are fully serviced by our technicians free of charge to eliminate any unnecessary wastage 
How can I reduce cross-contamination risk in my washrooms?
Cleaning professionals can help prevent cross-contamination in restrooms by focusing cleaning and disinfecting efforts on germ-prone surfaces and objects such as countertops, urinals, toilets, door knobs, toilet handles, stall locks, and taps
How can I ensure I have a clean toilet seat in public toilets?
The clean public toilet process should be sanitized daily. Ensure that the toilet seat is free of visible debris. The toilet seats should be cleaned by hand to avoid germs and bacteria. It is also important to ensure the toilets have sufficient toilet paper and seat protectors. Whenever possible, use the stalls that are clean and sanitary.
Where can I find environmentally friendly washroom products?
Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are the perfect starting point for a greener service. Made with plants, these eco-friendly cleaning products contain ingredients that are kinder to your staff, customers and the Earth. And professional performance is guaranteed every time too, so you can keep both your venue and the planet clean. With everything from eco floor cleaning products to kitchen degreasers on offer, making the switch to green cleaning has never been easier. Click the link below
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