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2-ply 150m blue rolls

Are you in search of cost-effective cleaning consumables? Look no further than Greenway Catering Supplies’ pack of 6 x 2-ply 150m blue rolls, perfect for any catering or cleaning setting. Made with high-quality, food-grade centrefeed, these rolls feature an embossed pattern that provides exceptional absorbency for mopping up spills, cleaning surfaces, and drying hands. The CHSA accreditation guarantees that our blue roll meets the highest standards in the cleaning and hygiene sector. This centrefeed design helps to reduce paper wastage, so you can cut down on costs in the long run. The 150m length ensures that each roll lasts longer, so you never run out of paper when you need it the most. Plus, the recycled paper material is environmentally friendly, allowing you to do your part for the planet. Please note that although other companies’ blue rolls may have decreased in size, ours remains the same. Our blue roll is guaranteed to be stronger, longer, and more absorbent than others on the market, with a whopping 150m length, 175mm width, and 2-ply sheets. These multipurpose blue rolls are perfect for tackling spills, streak-free cleaning, and drying hands. The recycled material makes them kinder to the environment and they can also be recycled and composted after use if free from heavy soiling. The inner cardboard roll is easy to remove for central dispensing, So, choose Greenway Catering Supplies’ blue rolls for a budget-friendly, high-quality product
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