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Eco-Friendly options for your Food & Drink

Sustainability is a growing issue that has come to a head in most, if not all, industries within the past five years. So much so that regulations have been made to ensure that businesses are taking substantial steps to increase the sustainability of our future. An evident change in the industry is the reproach of single-use plastic straws. As this directly affects the hospitality corporation, we as suppliers analysed our straw choices – now including metal and paper substitutes.

Paper straws are a no-brainer. Now that legislation has passed, most organisations have embraced them, so it only makes sense for everyone else to convert to these eco-friendly alternatives. However, we understand that paper straws won’t quite suit more extravagant establishment styles. Thus, for a more luxurious approach, a stainless steel option can help to fill in the void that plastic straws have left.

Continuing from straws, environmentally friendly cocktail disc stirrers and accessories are yet another way to enhance their sustainability. Plastic cocktail stirrers are also just single-use utensils and likewise to straws, it makes sense for venues to adopt these ecological alternatives. Comparable to straws, there are metal options such as our stainless steel straws and disc stirrers from Beaumont, appealing to more high-class establishments. Wooden variants of these are also becoming a choice moving forward.

Progressing with these eco-friendly cocktail accessories, cocktails themselves could also become sustainable, possibly creating a new trend amongst businesses. By simply reusing and recycling leftover ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, they can be transformed into creative, delicious homemade cocktails. Elements such as seeds, pulp, leaves, and rinds can be utilized for fresh cocktails. Furthering from this, sustainability like this could even be adopted into other drinks, entrees and desserts.

That isn’t all though. Packaging of food and drink products remains the most detrimental to our environment when compared to accessories or waste. Plastic, of course, is the most popular form due to its versatility but is also the most destructive to the planet. However, slowly but surely, organisations are moving away from this and the impact it has on our ecosystems by adopting environmentally friendly alternatives. Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the use of Green materials that are still effective as packaging. For instance, a carton board, an organic and renewable type of cardboard, is one that is highly practical by being microwavable and greaseproof, surpassing consumer expectations whilst meeting eco-friendly targets.


Greenway Catering Supplies in particular supplies an environmentally friendly range of packaging items the  Vegware range: a recyclable and sustainable brand of packaging including containers, napkins, and cups. They avoid landfilling by implementing the use of compostable board in a simple yet stylish design, with an effective plant-based lining, making it completely recyclable. Another wide range of drinking cups Greenway Catering Supplies provides comprises 100% PEFC certified paperboard, preserving great insulation and being fully bio-degradable after use. Supermarket giants such as Tesco are on board, replacing some of their plastic packaging with a recyclable version, and big brands like Coca-Cola are reducing their carbon footprint by investing in recycled and renewable elements.


For the best range of effective, top-quality packaging products, be sure to contact Greenway Supplies. With a number of selections consisting of effective, recycled, renewable and versatile materials, we continue to offer products that meet all industry and consumer needs.