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Bar Essentials  – What equipment do i need to run a bar?

Bar Essentials

Bar essentials cover a number of different accessories which are everyday important items no bar or pub should be without! From cocktail shakers to bottle openers, corkscrews to corks, slicing equipment to water jugs. It’s often those little bits and pieces that are overlooked so with Greenway Supplies you’ll find everything you need to make sure you have every instance covered!

Chopping Boards

Ideal for slicing lemons, limes and fruit, bar chopping boards should be functional and tough. Choose from plastic or stainless steel with wood.

Cocktail Shakers

Every bar or pub needs cocktail shakers to ensure the perfect drink for customers. Cocktail shakers come in stainless steel which is durable and practical or for added style, there are also copper finishes. Alternatively, there are Boston Cocktail Shakers, a two-piece style comprising of metal and glass inner; used together for shaking or separately for stirring drinks.

Bottle Openers/Corkscrews/Bottle Top catchers

It’s a good idea to have a variety of different bottle openers. Pubs and bars will benefit from wall-mounted openers for lagers and beers. Choose from twin lever corkscrews, bar-mounted cork extractors, under-counter bottle openers, flat-held bottle openers and waiters’ friends. For ease, add bottle top catchers to avoid tops and caps falling on the floor.

Bottle Stands, Brackets and Speed Rails

All bars and pubs need areas to store bottles visibly and neatly. Bottle stands hold bottles in place upside down so it is easy to quickly prepare drinks. Speed rails in high-quality stainless steel allow for quick access to bottles and hold most sizes of spirit bottles. Brackets keep your rails fixed in place with minimum fuss. The Alliance pages stock everything you need for storing bottles and keeping them on display. Choose from spirit measure brackets, wall brackets, pillar stands and speed rails in various sizes to suit your establishment requirements. All are made of high-quality stainless steel, built to last and attractively designed for aesthetic good looks.

Professional Lime Slicer Black
Copper Mug 48.0cl

Stackable Wine Rack Copper

Other Essentials

Tick off your checklist with the following:

  • Gas click lighters
  • Crumb scoops to retain a tidy bar
  • Ice tongs for the perfect cocktail or cold drink
  • Bar knife perfect for spearing olives, cherries etc.
  • Spout brush to clean bottles
  • Beer keg checkers are ideal for checking weight
  • Dipsticks to measure the liquid depth
  • Bar blade holster to keep sharp objects safe
  • Wine rack to keep wine neatly stored
  • Wine coolers to preserve wine temperature
  • Copper mugs stylish alternatives to glassware
  • A bar spoon is perfect for mixing drinks and reaching to the bottom of tall jugs and glasses
  • Bar strainer ideal for removing ice and pouring liquid-only into drink glasses
  • Mixing glasses to create perfect beverages
  • Garnish dispensers to keep your garnish in neat compartments for ease of use
  • Bottle re-sealers to keep wine and champagne fresh
  • Vacuum stoppers to seal bottles after use for freshness
  • Lime slicer to slice lemons and lines quickly and to perfection
  • Water jugs
  • Ice cube trays

For further information on bar, essentials visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact Eoin for all your Bar Supplies in Kerry