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No matter what you call it, blue roll, centrefeed roll or Blue paper – you can’t ignore it! The practical little paper rolls can be seen in venues up and down the country, from Michelin-starred restaurants and high street cafes to mechanics workshops and domestic kitchens.

Most blue rolls are also centrefeed rolls, meaning they can be like kitchen rolls or fed from the centre of the roll itself for use in a dispenser. When used in a dispenser, the centre feed design lends itself to more economical and cost-efficient usage, helping you to save money by reducing the number of sheets used.



The non-abrasive nature of the roll allows them to be used for a huge range of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Hygienic method of drying hands whereas damp linen towels can harbour germs
  • Cleaning and drying surfaces, appliances, utensils and tools
  • Ensuring a streak-free finish to Perspex/glass surfaces such as countertops and glass doors
  • Absorbing liquid spills: water, thick sauces, oil and cleaning chemicals
  • Absorbing oil and grease in workshops and garages, from floors and walls to tools and hands
  • Removing excess grease, wax or other lubricants from appliances and machinery
  • Wiping grease and oil from hands
  • Wiping away fat and grease from grills to prevent fatty deposits from blocking your sink’s drain
  • Hygienic method of wiping down faux leather furniture with a sanitiser, e.g. dentist’s chairs and spa massage tables
  • Safe to use in food production environments — blue is easily detectable and is used similarly with blue plasters
  • Used damp to prevent chopping boards from slipping