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Galtec Rinse Aid & Auto Dish Offer



🌟 Introducing Galtec Rinse Aid & Galtec Auto Dish! 🌟

Looking for the perfect dishwasher rinse aid and detergent? Look no further! Greenway Catering and Cleaning Supplies has got you covered. Our Galtec Rinse Aid and Galtec Auto Dish come in a box of 4 x 5Ltr bottles, offering the best price in town. 🎉

✅ Galtec Rinse Aid: Say goodbye to streaks, smears, and spots on your tableware! Our advanced formula reduces these pesky marks, leaving your dishes looking as good as new. Thanks to surfactant technology, drying times are drastically accelerated, ensuring a rapid turnaround of fresh equipment for seamless service. With concentrated supply, each bottle goes a long way, saving you money in the long run.

✅ Galtec Auto Dish Detergent: Banish stubborn dirt and grime with our powerful dishwasher detergent concentrate. Its fast-acting formula guarantees quick and effective cleaning, providing your staff with a fast turnaround of sparkling table and glassware. The translucent container allows easy monitoring of solution levels, ensuring you’re always prepared. Customizable dilution ratios cater to various cleaning needs, offering excellent cost-per-use benefits.

🔹 Suitable for most dishwasher units 🔹 Translucent container for easy monitoring 🔹 Concentrated formula for cost-saving and customization 🔹 Leaves a noticeable shine on crockery, cutlery, and stainless steel cookware 🔹 Suitable for hard and soft water areas 🔹 Hygienic solution that helps remove bacteria and mold from tableware

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer! Order your Galtec Rinse Aid and Galtec Auto Dish from Greenway Catering and Cleaning Supplies in Kerry or online throughout Ireland. Experience the difference in your dishwashing routine today. 💧✨

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